2010-11 Class Project – Emergency Food Bank & one.TLC School for Homeless Children

Emergency Food Bank & one.TLC School for Homeless Children

The class project for 2010-11 was dedicated to providing resources to the Transitional Learning Center, a school for homeless children, and the Stockton Emergency Food Bank.

The Transitional Learning Center (TLC) provides homeless children a stable educational and social environment that prepares them to enter a traditional school. The LS Class had three goals in mind for the children of TLC, to provide nice warm coats, since winter was quickly approaching, give them a better sense of pride for the school they were attending with some much needed landscaping, and lastly to give them the experience to see new places and things they have never seen before.  All three goals were accomplished. The children loved their coats, were able to take 2 field trips, and now have a more inviting school entrance.  Homemade cards created with pictures of smiling faces, signed with a ‘Thank You’ from all of the children made the project more than worthwhile.


The Stockton Emergency Food Bank had already begun a large project of their own to expand their warehouse so they could supply more food to the community in need.   A demonstration garden was also scheduled to be added to teach the community to sustain their own homegrown food. The demonstration garden was lacking an outdoor class seating area and so the LS Class of 2011 was committed to provide the seating in addition to a brick BBQ(with a gas insert), and shaded area to sit under for a more comfortable class setting in the summer months.  This was a much more ambitious task in terms of the manual labor and material costs required.   Neither of these projects would have been a success without the generous donation of time and money from our team, family, friends, local youth program, and private organizations. The LS Class’s dedication and leadership was vital in bringing everything and everyone together to complete these important projects.  Congratulations Class of 2011, this year has been a great success!


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